Many schools and business organizations are finding themselves troubled by antiquated legacy voice services and corresponding infrastructure. Systems are technologically outdated thus limiting the leveraging available new functionality. Many systems can no longer be supported due to parts/components or support/repair resources which are no longer available. Available solutions now leverage the Internet, WAN and current building network cabling in order to reduce monthly line costs, provide additional system functionality and portability/flexibility for end-users.

Our in-depth technical knowledge coupled with industry experience and our unique methodology enable us to successfully deliver our clients a truly end-to-end solution.

  • Voice Service Assessments
  • Voice Bid Proposal Creation and Coordination
  • Voice System Disaster Recovery and Back-up Strategies, Business Continuity
  • Reduce Monthly Voice Recurring Costs
  • Upgrade Voice System and End-User Functionality
  • Centralize and Streamline Voice System Through WAN Services
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