AES provides vital leader ship/strategic direction via a cost-effective method for organizations which can’t afford to employ a full-time Technology leader (CIO/CTO). This service has many affordable options, which can be customized to meet your needs. Our service can provide in-depth IT guidance and support, from strategic planning and implementation, governance structure assistance, and project management to information protection and systems assurance.

Our full range of leadership services can bring your school or business potential benefits in many areas:

  • Effective business continuity strategies based on vendor-independent advice
  • Enhanced IT portfolio with measurable benefits
  • Evaluation and selection advice for equipment and services
  • Identification of cost savings opportunities in managing information protection programs while improving risk management and service levels
  • Improved control over IT processes and governance in support of regulatory compliance
  • Improved IT service levels
  • Improved likelihood of smooth transition in outsourcing arrangements
  • Independent and objective assessment of project status and risks
  • IT project recovery
  • More effective communication of IT-related issues to management and governing bodies
  • Significant improvement in IT operations efficiency
  • Significant savings in the cost of IT delivery

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