In today’s dynamic and competitive funding environment you want to be sure your strategy for utilizing the beneficial but complicated E-Rate program is a sound one. Such strategies should factor in not only current challenges and needs but also identify and provide cost effective, migrate-able and sustainable paths for the future. Many “E-Rate Filers” exist today that provide a level of assistance that is basically clerical in nature…you identify to them what you want and they type it in and submit it. The technical planning aspects are solely the responsibility of the customer. While customer ownership and engagement is beneficial it drastically lacks a strategic component. Many schools are not aware of deeper functional and/or technical issues they may have and correspondingly these never get addressed.

AdvanEdge Solutions provides this important missing component with customized solutions for each client (including turn-key), calculating in many factors to ensure your submissions are the most cost-effective and beneficial to your organization. Consideration is not only given to the current/ immediate needs of the customer, but meticulous details regarding any long-term/future needs are encapsulated. By leveraging this strategic planning philosophy the customer is ensured a sound three-tiered support solution which includes migrate-ability, scale-ability and sustain-ability. This is especially important when considering the new Category 1 and Category 2 services funding. Over the past 10 (ten) years AdvanEdge Solutions has assisted numerous schools/districts in successfully obtaining millions of dollars in E-Rate funding. More importantly as their strategic partner, we have guided them successfully to implement those awards. E-Rate is a national program and correspondingly our current customer base reflects that philosophy and stretches across multiple states. You can be confident in selecting AdvanEdge Solutions to become your strategic partner to maximize your return on investment and be sure the eligible solutions submitted on your behalf are cost-effective, sustainable and make sense for your organization.

What separates AdvanEdge Solutions from proto-typical “E-Rate Filer”?

E-Rate Strategies AdvanEdge Solutions Typical "E-Rate Filer"
Submit Program Forms
Provides Assistance For PIA Support
Provides Extended "Turn-Key" PIA Support
Understands Your Technology Needs & Challenges
Coordinate RFP an Contract Processes
Review for CIPA Compliance & Tech Plan Alignment
Oversee Post Award Processes
Application Supported by 55+ Years Hands-on Educational Technology Experience
Develop an E-Rate Strategy that Aligns with Current & Future Educational Goals & Needs