E-Rate announces a new online portal tool for schools. Schools will use this new portal as the entry point for numerous program tasks such as submitting Form 470s, Form 471s, obtaining statuses of applications, receiving notices and letters that were previously mailed, and other relevant items.

AES offers schools across the country a full suite of E-Rate services. The services range from total turn-key E-Rate solutions to providing support at a particular juncture in the E-Rate process. We are not just experts with the E-Rate program, but have substantial hands-on K-12 experience with networking and infrastructure design, technology integration, strategic planning, and education technology. Our clients will tell you that our knowledge, experience and breadth of services are unrivaled by any other E-Rate consulting firms. Additionally, AES provides its clients with full, audit-able process documentation in an easy to use online documentation tool.


Our turn-key solution covers all elements of the E-Rate application process, in addition to planning and staging activities including: E-Rate strategy definition, technology design and specifications, technology plan review and alignment, RFP development and management, compliance assessment and review, economic data evaluation and management, E-Rate forms processing (470, 471, Item 21, 486), PIA reviews, funding decision appeals/corrections and online process documentation. Turn-key Solutions are most appropriate for the client that does not have the internal resources or expertise to handle the extensive E-Rate planning, staging and application process.

Appeals/Audits/Corrective Actions

We can support your internal E-Rate resources by reviewing, preparing and submitting appeals/audits/corrective actions for current or past funding years. AES can perform third party audits, in addition to standard program audits. This service is most appropriate for clients with internal E-Rate resources, but limited time and understanding of the intricacies of audits, appeal procedures and the types of corrective actions that can be applied. These services can be provided through a defined scope of work.

Program Management

AES provides wrap around program management services to track and manage the E-Rate process, appeals/audits, funding allocation and project management. This service is most appropriate for clients with large scale E-Rate projects and limited internal resources and expertise. Program Management services can be provided through a defined scope of work.

Compliance and Policies

AES can review technology policies for compliance with the E-rate program. We can also create customized technology policies for our clients based on their needs which can include: Acceptable Use Policies, Wireless Service Policies, Internet/Email Usage Policies, and Internet Safety Plans/Policies (a new requirement under CIPA for 2012 E-rate applicants and beyond)..