AdvanEdge Solutions (AES) is a full-service technology consulting company, focused on the technology needs and challenges of schools and businesses. Every organization periodically requires an external resource to either help augment in-house staff or facilitate a project for which little or no in-house expertise is available. You can be assured that AES is the right choice for your organization for most any technology related project or process. You can lean on our over 55+ years of actual hands-on K-12 educational technology experiences and over 10+ years of private sector project know-how.

Here's Why:

  • You need proven specialized skills across any technology disciplines.
  • You need new ideas, processes, or procedures.
  • You need third party objectivity.
  • You have a complex and/or politically sensitive project.
  • You need a task or project done, but you do not have the staff to do it in-house
  • You have a vague sense of what you should do for the environment, but you don't know
  • what to do or how to do it.
  • You need a proven migration strategy for a new VoIP solution.

AES has successfully designed and implemented complex to simplex strategic technology solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes. You can be assured your needs will be meticulously addressed to provide you the most cost-effective sustainable solution which makes the best sense for you and your organization. Read our Value Added Statement to learn more.

Trust and Rely on our Considerable Proficiencies

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