AdvanEdge Solutions Inc. (AES) was founded by two technologists to provide multiple viable solution paths for technology driven individuals and entities to address a wide scope of challenges and problems being faced today. The founders have an accumulated 55+ years experience in the network, telecom and server technology field within the Public & Private sectors enterprise levels.

AES designs custom complete robust, intricate and adaptable infrastructures which assist customers to resolve their simple to complex technology challenges. Our solution sets include discovery, strategizing, designing and orchestrating bestpractice solutions paths which provide the best benefit to the Client and their technology eco-systems.

The diverse expertise encompassed within AES addresses all aspects of a given project. This ranges from the initial planning and stakeholder interview process to the infrastructure (network, hardware, services and application) architecture, acquisition and deployment/migration paths. These stages are infused with standardized procedures and best practices, business continuity solutions, documentation and policy creation and/or modifications.

AES has successfully designed and implemented complex to simplex str ategic technology solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes. You can be assured your needs will be meticulously addressed to provide you the most cost-effective sustainable solution which makes the best sense for you and your organization.

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